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Trauma & Narcissism Redefined

Jun 22, 2021

Today, we celebrate our 50th episode together, and we will talk about why I've decided to rebrand. I’ll share with you my true purpose, why I've decided to start focusing on post-traumatic growth, and how we can reclaim our power. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

-What can we do to take back the power we gave to the narcissist

-Why focusing on post-traumatic growth rather than abuse changes the whole spectrum of our recovery

- What are the worthiness wounds, and what is their role in our response to abuse

Once we change how we feel about ourselves, we will change how we respond to narcissistic abuse. When we learn to identify the parts of us that the abuse is triggering, we can control our reactions. We can prevent our protective parts from starting the alarm of danger and falling into the I'm-not-good-enough spiral.


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