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Trauma & Narcissism Redefined

Oct 4, 2022

Today’s episode is this month's "Ask Me Anything" where I get to answer the questions you’ve been sending in! Firstly, I want to express how grateful I am to all of you who’ve supported my new book and the brave women who shared their stories in it. In the AMA section of this episode, I discuss topics ranging from feeling so stuck that it seems there’s no way forward to why your children are starting to replicate the narcissistic behaviours of your ex. I’ll also discuss how to get over the fear of dating again and how to be intentional with your healing so that you can recover from narcissistic abuse quicker and stronger.

Questions in this episode include:

  • Why do I feel so stuck?
  • How to parent an adult child through narcissistic abuse?
  • I am too scared to date again, how can I overcome my fear?

My aim for these episodes is to make sure I’m discussing topics that directly impact you, so I hope my answers help you in a strong recovery from narcissistic abuse. Every first Tuesday of each month is an "Ask Me Anything" episode, so please send in your questions to where we will endeavor to answer them either in these Ask Me Anything episodes or as a topic for a full episode!