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Trauma & Narcissism Redefined

Jun 25, 2024

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We’ve all experienced trauma. It isn’t an event or person, it’s what happens inside of us and that can reinforce how we feel. It’s a weight you carry everywhere you go.

You can’t talk yourself through healing, you have to feel to heal. I want you to thrive and flourish and step into post-traumatic growth, leading a better life than the one you’re trying to leave behind.


In this episode, we will explore:

  • Not blaming yourself for always being in narcissistic relationships
  • What it means to “feel to heal”
  • Tapping into your past and beginning to move forward


My new book, ‘How To Heal After Narcissistic Abuse’ really is your essential guide to leading a better life and not blaming yourself for what happened in your narcissistic and abusive relationships. Where you are right now isn’t where you have to stay.


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