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Trauma & Narcissism Redefined

Jun 18, 2024

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Do you find yourself constantly attracting toxic and narcissistic individuals, unable to break free from the cycle? You’re not alone. This isn't just a coincidence—it’s an addiction. But rest assured, there is hope and a brighter future awaits you.


Reflecting on my own experience, I remember the dark days spent in a toxic and narcissistic relationship with my ex-husband. Each day, I felt more worthless, often finding my only solace in the comfort of baggy tracksuits. I was paralysed, unable to muster the energy or desire to do anything at all.


In this episode, we will explore:

  • Why We’re Drawn to Narcissists
  • Breaking Free from Abusive Relationships
  • The Brain and Body's Role in Trauma Bonding


This cycle of despair is rooted in a phenomenon known as trauma bonding. Trauma bonding is more than just an emotional connection; it’s a physiological addiction that takes hold within our bodies, always hoping for a lasting change that never comes. Understanding this can be the first step towards breaking free and reclaiming your life.


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