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The Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

Today we talk about the little signs and the red flags that we must be aware of when we start dating someone new. Even after a traumatic separation, at some point we need to start meeting new people, but we must have ears and eyes open to the signs of narcissistic behavior, so we know what to do if they keep happening.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • How we can step out into the dating world after a traumatic experience
  • What is "love bombing" and how to detect it
  • A key red flag - the narcissist’s lack of empathy
  • Gaslighting as the real hallmark of narcissism
  • The "I'm not apologizing" story and why narcissists believe they’re never wrong
  • The importance of having a positive relationship with yourself

The dating world after a divorce or a breakup can be terrifying. But it's important to remember that being with someone is not always better than being single. So if we decide to take a new chance, we must have our narcissistic radar on point to avoid falling into that trap.